Current Events

Galiano Project Exterior update

A solid weekend of window/ door trim and siding prep on our Galiano project.

Prideaux Street’s Forth Floor Crane Day

Another successful crane day with 12 lifts of material and 20 prefab exterior walls being flown up by our good friends at Gorosh Cranes. Great team work between everyone at Knappit Projects, Gorosh Cranes and our team! The whole day was productive and smooth.

Always nice to work with such great professional companies.

Timber Framing

We have been talking a lot on site about timber framing lately and have been reminiscing about some of our past jobs that we have done. We wanted to show off just a few of the jobs that we have done in the past

Prefabrication moves us along

With tight timelines and limited space on site when situations call for it we prefabricate some of our walls. These exteriors were build by our team using some space off-site and then transported and craned onto our sub-floor.

These walls are standard height so we quickly craned them onto the floor and our team will lift them into place in the coming days. When we are standing taller, heavier walls we will crane them exactly into where they need to go.

This is just one technique that we use to make sure that we stay as close to our clients schedules as possible.

Gulf Island project

We’ve been working away on Galiano Island to do a complete renovation of two waterfront homes. A complete interior and exterior remodel with some new decks, siding, building envelope and interior layout this project has been great to really showcase the diverse skills of our team. We have enjoyed seeing the changes so far and can’t wait for the completed look. We’ve had some great help from Coastline Plumbing and the CRD in making this project go smoothly.

Prideaux Seniors Housing begins

Changing scenes from a large commercial building to a multi unit seniors living project with BC housing we started our latest project. The first floor is a mix of concrete and wood framing provides some unique challenges. A small site size and big building requires us to be organized in our material and work areas. This project is moving along quickly so far.

Portsmouth Professional Center wraps up

As the back framing list gets shorter and only a few final details to complete remain, we are wrapping up in the north end of Nanaimo and preparing to start strong on our next project. With tall walls, hand cut studs, multiple stairwells and lots of framing from a man-lift this projects provided many challenges that our team was more than happy and qualified to overcome.

2nd Storey Exteriors Craned into place at Portsmouth Professional Center

with a delay in our floor trusses we prefabricated all our second and third storey exterior walls to keep with our schedule. Today we craned in most of our second storey walls into place.

Portsmouth Professional Center gets underway

We are excited to get started on our latest commercial project! This 3 story office building in North Nanaimo is bound to stand out. With structural steel incorporated into the structural design, and 12’ ceilings on every floor, we are in our element on this challenging build! Stay tuned as this one should go up quickly with this nice weather.