Archives December 2019

John Howard Society Project wraps up

New steel side roof, new flat roof with upgraded insulation, new roof drains, new soffit vents, new bathroom windows and trim, new trim around the patio entrance. We are so happy to have completed another great project for our friends at Nanaimo Region John Howard Society.

They are all such great people and do such amazing work; from the Barney Bentall Concert to our projects together we enjoy every interaction with this outstanding group of people!

Cowichan Hospice roof starts

Roof trusses arrived on Tuesday and Gorosh Cranes joined us on Wednesday to lift the remaining truss bundles onto the walls. We also had to crane in some of our beams as well. This roof features a flat roof section in the center to house mechanical units and a pitch roof around the exterior of the building. We’ve managed to have some good progress on the flat section this week despite the wet weather.

Cowichan Hospice Framing Begins

It feels like we have waited a lifetime in between forming the foundation and getting started on the framing but it felt good to get started on the exterior walls last week. We have had a solid first week on site.

This project features lots of engineering details, walls that are almost 14 feet high and a mixture of douglas fir and spf material.